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Control Your Mail! Collaboration for Good ABSOLUTELY uses mail list segmentation. This provides you the most amount of control for managing the volume and quality of messages you receive from us. We rarely send to our entire mailing list, but we do use items such as sublists, topics, and affiliations to determine who receives which mailings.

What does this mean? If you, select Madison Nonprofit Day as a sublist and 'social impact' as a topic, then you'll receive most mailings related to the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference, but you'll additionally receive messages about workshops, resources, and opportunities around 'social impact'. This means if the MadTech Ed Series includes a workshop on 'social impact' you may receive notice so that you are aware. Receipt of all topical and sub-listing messages are not guaranteed. We frequently also reduce the distribution size by 'frequency of clicks' or 'frequency of opens'.

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